The Wonders of SAP Workshop

Iversonn Tan is 6 years old when he join SAP Workshop. Initially, he was a shy boy and lack of “can do” attitude. After the workshop, Ms Wendy Ng, his mother was very happy with his positive changes. Currently, he is 7 years old and won a lot of award in school.

The achievements are as follow:

1. Champion – Vocabulary Competition Year 1

2. Excellent Award – Pertandingan Membina Perkataan Tahun 1

3. 2nd Runner Up – Action Song Competition Year 1

4. 2nd Runner Up – Mathematics Competition Year 1

5. 1st Place – Class Ranking


Iversonn Tan’s Medals


Iversonn Tan’s Mother, Ms Wendy Ng, happy with his achievement


Iversonn Tan feels happy

In addition, he is confident to dance Zumba Dance with other adults. He has explore his potential to explore in new area of his interest.

Iversonn Tan has showed a vast improvement after the SAP Workshop.

So, why are you still waiting for?

Quickly enroll your children for the upcoming SAP Workshop!

November intake: 29th & 30th Nov 2014 ; December Intake:13th & 14th  Dec 2014

For more details, contact us at +603 – 4108 6368 or


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