Pile up with Homeworks?

Parent homework

Homework is a nuisance for many children, but it does serve an important educational purpose. Parents play a vital role by trying to encourage the children a healthy attitude to do homework instead of focusing on negative attitude like harsh punishments (Newcombe, 2012).


As a parent, what can we do to help our children initiate to do their homework?

  • Ask yourself!
    1. What worked in the past that motivates your child to do homework? Preferably the positive ones.
    2. When is the best time for your child to do homework?Schedule homework time around it.
    3.  Where is the best place for your child to do homework? This place should have minimal distraction.


get organized


  • Get all stationery and books prepared before your child starts doing homework
  • Always remind your child to organize the desk and pack his bag immediately after doing homework. This is his responsibility, not yours.




  • You should observe your child, and talk to him to better understand the real situations in order to help your child.
  • Always be there when your child needs guidance or a listening ear.



  • If you are feeling frustrated from helping your child in homework, take a break.
  • If your child is feeling agitated when doing homework, take a 5 min break. Make sure you keep the time.

stay focused


  • Focus on helping your child in homework.
  • If you are tempted to shout at your child, walk away to get some fresh air and calm down. Your goal is to help in homework.



  • Within the parameters you set around schoolwork, your child is free to make his own choices and deal with the consequences (for not completing homework).
  • Never allowed your child to miss school or class whenever he/she fails to complete homework.
  • If he/she needs to stay up late to complete homework, let it be. But your child should get up on time the next morning and go to school on time.



  • Reward need not to be monetary, it can be a praise or a simplicious meal.
  • Rewards should be immediate and consistent for maximum effects. This is same for punishment too =)




  • Be consistent with TIME and PLACE to do the homework.
  • Making a visual reminder (poster, timetable) will helps to reinforce the routine.
  • You should make room for exceptions (vacation, illness, and extra classes) and have plan B.

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