The Role of Senses in Behavior, Learning and Development

Are you aware of your children’s behavior and learning attitude as listed below:

  • Hard time to pay attention?
  • Hard time to remain seated?
  • Lack of self confidence/ motivation?
  • Poor motor movement?
  • Poor cognitive performance?
  • Emotional instability?

All the issues listed above is more likely to correlate with ‘communication breakdown’ and ‘cooperation failure’ among left and right hemisphere of brain.

Five senses brain

Our senses are the medium through which we perceive the world. What we perceive is dependent on the relay of information from specialized receptors within the major sensory systems of the body to the central nervous system (CNS). In order to function at maximum efficiency, all our senses need to work together in an integrated and coordinated way. Besides that, sensory systems are the primary means a child uses to gain new knowledge and experience the world. Thus, learning will be compromised if the sensory systems do not function at their optimal level.

If the child relies mostly on one hemisphere of the brain for learning, that hemisphere will be overwhelmed with information and will results in process delays, poor memory, stress and frustration, and lower self confidence.

If your child had faced the challenges as stated above, do not worry about it.

AMA Academy has designed Super Achiever’s Programme (SAP) that can help your child to perform at the optimum level. AMA Academy conducting the workshop on 21st and 22nd March 2015 at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

For more details, kindly contact or 03 – 4108 6368.


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