Testimonial for SAP

We are grateful to receive parent testimonial for Super Achiever’s Programme.

The parents are supportive, open minded and encouraging. They understand that academic performance is not everything and there are more important aspects to nurture in children.


Testimonial by Marissa’s mother

Ever since I put my daughter into SIP AMA Program, I have noticed the following changes in her attitudes and behaviors.

Before (AMA)

After ( AMA)

Hyperactive Quiet
Careless Careful
Manja ( Tender loving care) Caring
Impatient Patient
Can’t focus in doing work Much focusing now

She can now complete her assignment within minutes & without walking around doing something else. When she is in focus, she can grasp the English dictation given by teacher within seconds and be able to write and memories the harsh spelling word like scratchy / scribbly. Another level of improvement in terms of academic.

Before AMA, is hard for me to ask her to practice piano every day, but now, she will practice minimum once a day or sometime even few times a day. She can also concentrate in art drawing despite being disturbed by others. Another great improvement besides academic performance.

We are very happy and pleased with her recent changes. Thanks to SIP AMA Program.


So Yen May